Import historical quotes from Google spreadsheet

Hi guys,

I’m trying to import historical quotes thanks to a published google spreadsheets that I’ve done :

But it’s not working on portfolio performance. Below what “print server response” returns with HTML. What could I do to make this working please ? I also tried to use english names but it’s not working neither. Local html files can’t be loaded on portfolio performance, so I have to publish it.

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I suspect the Date format is not recognized by PP
I am confused by your reference to Google drive. Usually you import a csv file located on your PC.

Google Sheets is not PP compliant as it is not a static website. The table is dynamically created via Javascript.

Ok then, thanks for your answer.
I wanted to do this because some funds where not available on Yahoo Finance, so I needed a dynamic way to import prices every day (Google sheets could do that with the function GoogleFinance).
But I found another solution with the data available on the website of Financial Times : missing funds where available on it.
Thanks for your help.
We can close the subject :slight_smile: