Import Quotes for Fund- JSON or URL

Hi, I am trying to import data for the following fund

Royal London Global Equity Income M

I have tried using a JSON guide but I am unable to get the data pulling through. I have the following set up in PP

I don’t really know what I am doing, so any help would be great.
The JSON path from Morningstar is below, which appears to be working correctly]2]0]FOGBR$$ALL

I could use help with the other fields in the Historical Quotes section.


In your URL is “…/rest.svc/timeseries_cumulativereturn/…”

For the prices you need “…/rest.svc/timeseries_price/…”]2]0]FOGBR$$ALL


Maybe it is more easy to use FT


Many thanks for your help, quick reply and detailed help. The FT data didn’t pull lots of history so I wasn’t able to make it product a chart, as the table was limited to a month.

I tried your json, but was still not working, managed to copy and cross reference your main changes to replicate your screenshot as well and have got it working. For my future reference I will post the url.]2]0]FOGBR$$ALL

Seems like when posting as code it is deleting the “]2]0]FOGBR$$ALL” part, which is probably what made it not work for me.

Thanks again.

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Uups, your right, I will edit my post