Import transactions from Nordnet using OpenRefine

I can import transactions from my brokers (Nordnet) transaction list if I amend the file. This required a bunch of minor changes, which I did using OpenRefine. It’s is an nice tool to transform a lot of data into the required CSV format. So if you have a broker file that you have to import try it out.

The process is:

  • Broker export file > Transform in OpenRefine > Export to CSV > import to PP

Transform required is mapping your brokers columns to PP expected columns:

  • Date
  • Time
  • ISIN
  • Ticker Symbol
  • WKN
  • Value
  • Transaction Currency
  • Type
  • Security Name
  • Shares
  • Note
  • Taxes
  • Fees
  • Cash Account
  • Offset Account
  • Securities Account

Save the OpenRefine transformation as a project, and can rerun it on a new export file later.

The hardest part I had was looking up the tickers in Yahoo.

An example JSON file of the operations taken to transform a Nordnet export CSV file into a PP import CSV file is attached (as a text file).NordnetOpenRefineOperations.txt (14,8 KB)

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Is there somewhere a definition of the fields that PP. uses. I found it confusing. For instance “Value”: is this the Quote of one individual share or the total amount of all shares. PP also has fields for Gross amount , …etc. Also those fields don"t really correspond with the names of fields when you manually input a buy or sell transaction. If anyone can help or clarify, much appreciated.

Ok, i found a the solution: Just export your transactions to CVS/XLS and compare it to the manual entries. This gives you the following idea of the fields PP uses:
Value= total value of the transaction in the transaction currency
transaction currency = Currency of the transaction with your broker. Normally the currency of your portfolio
Gross Amount= number of shares x quote of the share
Currency Gross Amount= currency of the security
Exchange Rate= currency of the security/currency of the transaction
Fees and Taxes are both in the transaction currency.

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