Import transactions of different currencies to account

Hi all,

How to import „transfert (outbound) and (inbound)“ transactions from an account with different currency account?

For example, let see the data to import:
Date | Type |Value | Currency
01.01.2020 | Transfer (outbound) |1 | USD
01.01.2020 | Transfer (inbound) |0.90 | EUR

trying import this case, for each line, the program allow import only when I select the same currency account on „offset acccount“ (destination/transfert to) and on „cash account“. But if I put the offset (destination account) on each line, program does not allow and gives the exception IllegaException.

The problem importing, for example the first line, a transfer (outbound), 1 USD, to the same account, it create the a transfert (inbound) in the same account within 1USD and obvesly does not match the related value, 0.90 EUR because it is in a second line.

I understand that each line are independent for the import, but it does should import anyway if I force to create a (inbound) in a different account, even if the value is the same?

What is wrong with my importation?

Thank you and will be greatful for your help.


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any update on this matter ? I can t import degiro trades with currencies not equivalent to my euro account
For example US trade line can t be exported to my degiro euro account because currency does not match !

This seems a really useful piece of software. I’m currently trying to import my De Giro transactions. Note that this first seemed to work using the PDF import. However that doesn’t work any more.

So now I’m trying using CSV import. Now there are five types of data that I can choose from in the dialogue. I have difficulty determining what they all are for. My transaction.csv has the following relevant columns:

number of shares,
currency of security,
local value,
value (exchanged),
total value,

Now I definitely need the number of shares, which is only available under „portfolio transactions“ and „securities account“. However, neither of these gives me what I need.

  • The "Portfolio Transactions’ type does not allow me to provide a quote. This means I cannot provide the exact amount at which I bought the security. Instead, it just calculates it from the other values (semi-acceptable but not in cases where you want to have the exact quote listed).

  • The „Securities Account“ type doesn’t allow me to specify an exchange rate. Though that’d be actually fine if it would just calculate the effective rate based on the values but it doesn’t do that. Instead it gives an error in the foreign entries saying:

„Transaction currency USD does not match account currency EUR“

I think the PDF import I used once worked as intended. Any idea why it doesn’t work any longer?

Ideally, for .csv files, the programme should have just one „Type of data“ I think. One where it can just calculate the single omitted data column according to the provided data by solving for it.