Importfail data Euronext

Hello, I have just started with PP and I have an importproblem concerning historical quotes of a structured product.

I downloaded a csv.file from: | live

But when I want to import these in PP, the dates don’t show up as they should.

As mentioned, I have just started and computers are not my best friends, so if anyone could help me out that would be appreciated.


The csv-file looks like this?

"time","SHELL 16.3SPLOPENB","News [OFF]","SHELL 16.3SPLOPENB( volume )"
"2022-05-23 18:30","1.3","","1"
"2022-05-24 18:30","1.247","","1"
"2022-05-25 18:30","1.279","","1"
"2022-05-26 18:30","1.293","","1"
"2022-05-27 18:30","1.299","","1"

You have to choose the right formats

Double-Click the blue field under “time”

Double-Click the blue field under “Shell …”


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That is what it should loo like!

This is what it looks like her:


What am I doing wrong?

The encoding seems to be faulty. Kindly change to UTF-8, please.

Still the same…


The fieldseperator in your example is not a comma, try semikolon…

Maybe you should try to skip the first two lines too.

“Maybe you should try to skip the first two lines too.”

That was the point; now it works perfectly fine.

Thanks so much for your help!