Importing Txs of a Security in USD when Account is in EUR


Context: I have a securities account in EUR.
In such account I have invested in securities in EUR, but also in the US Stock market in USD.

If I add the txs manually, PP obviously let me: I just add the price of the stock in USD, then the conversation rate or the price of the tx in EUR, fees/taxes in both USD and EUR and the total tx value is calculated in EUR.

When trying to import from a CSV where I have all that info, how should I proceed to map the columns make the import happen? All the approaches I tried gives me an error for those txs in USD (they do not get imported) with the error message: Tx in USD does match security account in EUR.

How can I easily import all the tx of securities in foreign currencies?


I have finally added some of them manually into a new Portfolio file, playing around.
To my surprise, when exporting the transactions from Portfolio Performance in a CSV and importing them into my other “master” file, same thing happens: Error since the transaction is in a different currency than the account currency…

This form an export from PP and then import into PP.
This means that the import function is not working properly / there are functionalities missing, since this can be properly done manually.

Any timeframe when this will be fixed?

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dears, I have the same problem as memyselfandi.
depot account in EUR.
I have some position which are dented in US$.
the program cannot accept these positions.
it is packed into the database as USD84…
and cannot be handled by the program.
has anybody in the meantime a solution or a workaround?

From my side, unfortunately, no solution beyond manually adding them (which works perfectly through the interface, even with the currencies differences).
No solution found yet for the issue through importing.
I am really eager to get one though.

i am now converting manually the share price from $ into EUR in the csv file in excel. boring but it works for the depot.