Improper deduction of quotes from historical quotes in USD

First of all, I really love this application. It’s quite extensive and full of features. Might not be suitable for beginners, but I happen to like it a lot. Thanks for the great work.

I do have found an issue I’d like to address. I have a few positions on ETFS on LSE in USD. Unfortunately the online historical quotes provided by ICE Data Services are wrong (and thus also wrong on Yahoo & Alpha Vantage). So I havo to use the „Create historical quotes from transactions“ feature. Sounds great, except it screws up the currency conversion to EUR. I don’t know exactly why this happens, but it doesn’t work as it should.

Here’s a picture (>1.000 words):

Hey Wouter,

can you also post the edit window for the iShares fund?

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Hope this is sufficient. If not, please let me know.

Hey Wouter,

I assume you taking the pricing from the LSE in GBp.
The actual transactions you seem to do in USD.

I hope this helps

Hm, this looks strange but did you already check a buy transaction how the quote in USD is calculated? I assume (based on the min/max gap of 0,60 USD) the buy plots screwed up due to additional fees and/or taxes.

A screen dump of one of your latest buy transaction could may clarify the applied quote calculation.


Here’s a screenshot of a transaction. A few things to note:

  • Note there’s a comma in the EUR/USD exchange rate (circled in red) and the share price (right of ‚Quote‘). I found that to be peculiar, as everything else has decimal symbol point.
  • The fund is not listed in GBP. That cannot be the issue.

Hey Wouter,

when I look into the historic prices of AGED.L from Yahoo Finance in PP I get a price of 472,20 on July 4th. This seems to be in GBp.


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Unfortunately these prices are wrong. £468 does not equal $5.5 or €5. I already informed ICE Data Services about this. Could take a while before these are fixed.

I think I found one more clue. When I export all quotes from PP (from the ‚All securities‘ screen) I get all quotes in EUR. These should be in USD, as the currency of the fund is in USD.

472 GBp are 472 pence currently being 5,12 EUR being 5,73 USD

The ticker for this ETF in GPB is not the same. That would be AGES.L. The ticker in USD is AGED.L.

See here:

But I don’t use the historical quotes from Yahoo though. I only use the quotes from historical transactions, which are in either USD or EUR.

I made an independent test with the Bulgarian Leva, as this has a fixed rate to the Euro.

What I did:

  • Deposited €1.000
  • Bought 1 individual share of BGN195.58 over a period of 10 months, which contributes to €100 per buy and €1.000 in total.
  • Made sure deposit balance was €0 after buying 10 shares
  • Created historical quotes from trades
  • Added 1 final quote manually of BGN195.68, resulting in capital gains of BGN1.00 or €0.51 (and prevent infinity/division by zeros)

Securities view shows the same behaviour:

Here’s my PP-XML file if you want to test yourself:
test_stock.xml (26,0 KB)

I am puzzled here, there definately is a relationship with the currency.

Sorry for that

It’s fixed in the latest version. My sincere thanks for fixing this issue.

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