Incorrect conversion in reports

Hi, firstly, thanks for this great app.

I’ve been using the app for the past two months, and I’m having some issues with incorrect market values depending on currencies.

Here’s my scenario:

  1. I added a new deposit account named “Testing Deposit Account” and deposited 100,000.00 TRY into it.

  2. When I go to the “Statement Of Assets” report and select USD as the currency, it shows 2,009,320.00 USD as the market value, as shown in the screenshot.

If I create a brand new XML file and follow the same steps, it works as expected, and I can see the correct value.

So, what could possibly have gone wrong in the XML file that I’ve been actively using?

Thanks in advance.

Tough, it’s seems to be that you have somehow a custom exchange rate in use. As far as I remember, you could use the PP currency converter to get a hint where the faulty rate could be located.

Thanks for your reply, what do you mean with PP currency converter exactly?
Is it some tool inside the app?

Found it, it looks the exchange rate must be inverted.
How can I achieve this? Can I edit the value of this Exchange Rate from somewhere?

Solved it, the related topic: Wrong conversion rate from EUR to CZK.