Inflation or Purchasing power calculator with different currencies

I want to see my lost opportunity/purchasing cost that I incurred over the last couple of years by letting my cash position depreciate over inflation. I suspect that the way of doing it is to add the Price index as a benchmark but what to do if I have multiple currencies in different countries?

Is it somehow possible to tie a inflation price benchmark to one currency account and another inflation price benchmark to another currency?

To illustrate it easier here’s what I’m trying to do:

Cash euro position started in 2019 and added every month +€2k. I want to see how much purchasing power I lost very month from 2019 to now and then compare it to a MSCI Europe etf.
I also have a cash USD position started in 2020 and added every month +$5k so I want to see how much I lost in there too.
I also have another cash position with GBP and PLN and I would like to track them too.

I was thinking of doing it in Excel but I’m already using Portfolio performance for so long that I don’t want to do another tracker.

Is it worth doing?

Many thanks


You can’t do that with a currency account. However, you can do this with individual currencies. :smiley:

These are the steps:

  • Create the currency as a security:

  • Create a benchmarkHarmonised consumer price indices of the Statistical Office of the European Union (Eurostat):

  • Create a Heatmap WidgetShow excess return over a benchmark:
  • Another option is to display your currencies as graphs in comparison with the inflation rate in the corresponding dashboards.

CU, Laura

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