Initial Value is calculated differently

Hi, I have a portfolio in which the first day I started investing is on 22 Dec 2022.
I set the date 22 Dec 2022 under ‘Performance’ view, but it does not follow the prices I added.

Eg I added as a Delivery(Inbound):
22 Dec 2022
shares: 400
Quote: 12.22
Amount: 4888

But under Performance view, it shows:
22 Dec 2022
shares: 400
Quote: 10.08 <<<(I am not sure where this quote is from)
Amount: 4032

You should start start with 21st/Dec rather than 22nd/Dec as PP is calculating basically with end of day values. Changes across the first day of a reporting period are not taken into account.

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I tried setting it to 21st Dec, but the initial value changes to 0.

I noticed in the sample kommer.xml, there is the ‘Purchase Value’ & ‘Market Value’ column.

In my personal .xml, there is only ‘Value’ column, which seems to be the same as the ‘Market Value’ column.

Can I have the ‘Purchase Value’ column in my personal .xml ?

To add on, I am using Delivery (Inbound/Outbound) for all my transactions.

You could edit the columns on the top right of the view with the cogwheel.

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Thanks Jo92 for the tip!

The sample image below shows the issue I am facing :

I purchased a fund at a value different from the market value, so the Market Value & Purchase Value is different.

Under Performance, PF uses the Market Value instead of the Purchased Value to calculate performance. Can I change it to Purchased Value instead?

Hi, while I don’t understand what you mean by your first statement, because the market value will probably change a few seconds after your purchase and that’s normal, your problem probably lies somewhere else.

Your reporting period is wrong. Set it to 31.05.2022, then it should fit.

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Oh thanks a lot, I misunderstood some of the concepts…

For ‘Performance’, I should set it as 31st May. First buy date is 1st June.

However, for charts do I set as 1st June? As setting it on 31st May seems to cause the graph to be wrong. (see sharp spike at start)

If I set it on 31st May:

If I set it on 1st June:

Then you may need to check, if the booking of your purchase is correct. Seems that your booking quote is to low (that is possible why it made such a big amplitude on the first day).

Ah thanks, I found out the issue from what you said.

In my actual portfolio, the historical quotes for the start date are not available in Yahoo Finance, so the Market Price was wrong. I manually input a CSV file for historical data and it works nicely for the charts. Cheers!

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