Integration with OpenBB Terminal

There is an open-source financial tool called OpenBB Terminal that’s gaining traction in the investment research / evaluation area.

“OpenBB is primarily used by investors, quants, and traders to create reports, perform investment research, create custom charts and analyses, optimize portfolios, run sentiment and machine learning analyses, and more.”

Is the tool already under the radar of the development team?
Is there any planned integration between PP and OpenBB?

For example:

  • Portfolio exports to OpenBB for evaluation on the OpenBB or
  • integration of OpenBB SDK into PP to conduct portfolio evaluations on PP using the analysis and reporting functionalities of OpenBB

I don’t think so! Didn’t had a closer look, but from your description it sounds very similar to PP. What should be the advantage of an interface?

Or am I getting something wrong? And of course, PP is open source, so you’re free to contribute and code something:)

For the sake of clarity, I don’t have any affiliation with OpenBB Terminal and came accoss the tool very recently. I just tested OpenBB Terminal for an hour or so today. On the other hand, I have been using PP for 2 years now. Here are my key takeaways from my observations:

  • PP is much more portfolio oriented and provides convenient data import toolings and portfolio overviews. This is especially true for people with bank/broker accounts in Germany.

  • OpenBB Terminal is more analysis & data feed oriented and it looks like the portfolio tooling is at least for now less comprehensive than that of PP. There is very limited import tooling from banks & brokers etc. However, it can already get some market data feeds automatically. It can generate much more customizable reportings and calculations than PP can do. It is also more focused on the US markets and instruments. It is notable that they offer integration into Jupyter Notebooks for further analysis and vizualization.

I believe the users of PP could benefit from being able to analyse and optimize their portfolios on OpenBB, but continue maintaining the portfolio from PP.

Unfortunately, I don’t code Java, and therefore won’t be contributing to PP codebase anytime soon :slight_smile:
But, I will think about contributing to OpenBB Terminal to achieve some portfolio importing functionality from PP exports.

Let me know if you need support. It is always my goal that the data painstakingly collected inside Portfolio Performance can be used in other tools as well.


Thanks @AndreasB , I started to work on an importer tool in OpenBB to work with PP csv exports.

The importing to OpenBB has a hard requirement that the csv/xls file has a column with the information: “Wertpapierart/Securities type”. It would be great if this can be added.

Additionally, the columns “Sector”, “Industry”, “Region”, “Country” would be also helpful but not mandatory.

Another thing I noticed is that the non-xml portfolio exports are always limited to a single component. This currently has the following limitations:
1- Export xml → the import function in other tool needs to parse the PP xml format, which is probably too PP specific and would be an additional barrier for integrations.
2- import multiple csv files for each deposits & securities accounts.

Do you think it you can enhance PP so that it can support exporting a single csv/xlsx with multiple accounts soon?

I can open a GH issue on the PP repo to track this topic, if that’s the preferred way to collaborate.

@tunoku Is GitHub - pfalcon/ppxml2db: Scripts to import PortfolioPerformance ( XML into a SQLite DB and export back useful?

This could technically do the job, however it’s probably an overkill for the task.

I believe it would be much more user friendly if some data export options are added to PP csv export instead of users having to install yet another experimental 3rd party xml processesing tool to be able to import the PP data into other tools.