Interactive Brokers import issues with currency buy/sell

Dear All,

I am creating an activity statement export from interactive brokers and import it into PP. everything works great by the way, thanks for the great tool. But there is one thing though which doesn’t behave as I want it to.

all stock imports works perfectly until it gets to the trade tag and assettype=„CASH“. I created 3 deposit accounts, USD, EUR, JPY and I have a security account USD. When I try to import the XML to all my accounts , it doesn’t detect the trades that has assettype="CASH .
Therefore I end up creating them manually.

could you please check if it is a BUG or am I doing something wrong?
by the way what is the difference of fxtransaction and trade assettype=„CASH“ ?

thanks in advance

please see the sample XML below. is there anything I am missing?

debug_Portfolio_Perfromance_Full.xml (7,4 KB)