Invested Capital widget is way off

The invested capital widget with a filter on YTD shows a number larger than Invested capital since first transaction. Same value is displayed if I filter on year 2021 or Since 01.01.2021.

Delta widgets seem accurate on the other hand.

There is nothing “way of” but your understanding. Invested capital for a period means the capital that was present at the beginning of the period, plus/minus anything that was contributed/withdrawn during the period.

Thanks @chirlu for this clarification but this still doesn’t work out. How can invested capital for a period be greater than the total invested capital?

Easy, by having grown before the period. E.g. you invested $100 in 2017, and by the end of 2020, it had become $150. Now the invested capital for YTD is $150, but for all of time it is $100.