Is it possible to make a custom "invested capital" ? (remove BANK saving from chart)


  • is it possible to make a custom “invested capital” ?
  • same question for “total”, can I make a custom Total that would contain only [crypto+stocks] ?

My goal : in the chart, see the total invested in crypto / total invested in crypto+stocks

Till today, I used PP for Cryptos and Stocks.
I would like to try to add savings from my Bank.

When I do so, it ruins the chart because the invested capital now show the total of everythings [stock + bond + bank account].
It make it impossible to see the invested capital in Crypto+Stock.

Is there is a solution or am I supposed to create a new file ?
A new file wouldn’t be nice because I would like to be able to switch from [stock+crypto] to [all] whenever I want.

Before (stock + crypto) :

After (stock + crypto + bank account), Invested Capital and Total don’t allow to track only [Crypto+Stock] :

Hi Demky, why don’t you duplicate that view you have, give it a name and then right click on one or more of the entries in the legend below (colored boxes) and hide the things you do not want to see. Is that what you need?

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If I’m not mistaken, it’s not possible to filter the invested capital part?

It is possible to display the Invested Capital either since first booking or for the selected reporting period, just click on the tooth-wheel, select add data row and go ahead.

yes, but it is not possible (yet) to filter the accounts for ‘invested capital’ on this statement of assets chart

In my PP it is, or I still do not get your problem. Your create a tab, select “new data row” scroll all the way down were you can select single accounts or combinations, depending on the groups you created and then you can see the invested capital just for that in the newly created tab. If this is still not the point, maybe you can explain a bit more detailed what exactly is missing in your opinion.

Can you share some screenshots please? just retried on my side, with a new view, same thing, invested capital remains global

(I’m talking about ‘Reports’->‘Statement of assets’->‘Chart’)

Sry, just tried and noticed that I am wrong. I did not see it, as difference was small. Invested capital always shows total. You are right.