Is there is an easy way to see how much you deposited on an account?


I’m trying to find how much money I did deposit on my account to see how much +value I actually have.

I thought it was the value in Report > Performance > Calculation > Deposit
But it looks like that value is wrong or it’s not the value I expect.

Current value in the Reports : 1460.80€

  • I select the website (deposit account)
  • I select time (I put 10 years because I only do that since +/-2years, I want to be sure everything is inside)

When I check my Transaction on this “website/deposit account” sorted by “Deposit”, I add every deposit value and I find 1370€

Questions :

  • What is that Deposits value in the Reports ?

  • Is it possible to see Deposited value in a Securities account ? (only the money coming from an external bank account)

thank you for help, I hope I didn’t do a stupid error :grin:

Edit : I only have one “Bourse” account so “Bourse + Bourse Direct” is only one account :

Deliveries of securities are also included in the figure, so it is likely that you have one of value 90.80.

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Oh, thank you, is there is a logic behind that ?
Delivery (inbound) aren’t money from my bank account :disappointed_relieved:
I would have counted them as profit and not as “Deposit”

I have 2 deliveries inbound that I received for free (45.4x2=90.80) :

is there is a way to make a line somewhere with only “deposited” values ?

Well, an inbound delivery in PP is by definition equivalent to a deposit and a buy. It’s just a convenience so that you don’t need a dummy account in certain cases.

There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch. :wink: So either this is some kind of dividend, or it is fresh money which should be counted as a deposit.

In November 2019, when you bought 10 shares from “Française des Jeux” and keep them for 18months, France gave you one share for free.

How do you call that ? “some kind of dividend” ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Wasn’t I supposed to add them to Portfolio as deliveries inbound ?

It depends. You could see it as a dividend, especially if it comes from the company itself. If, on the other hand, it is an incentive from the former owner, then I would consider it unrelated to the performance of FdJ, and therefore as fresh money.