Issue with Yahoo Finance data

A lot of UK stocks are today 6th Feb 2024 showing huge losses suddenly. This seems due to an issue on Yahoo Finance.

Please see one example below:

The previous price quoted is 354.36

The last price quoted on 4th Feb is 3.57

The decimal price is in the incorrect place.

I have emailed Yahoo Support to see if they will resolve it.

I wonder if Portfolio Performance could have a way of preventing this flowing through because Stockmarket Eye which I believe uses the same source is unaffected?

I will await a response from Yahoo Finance.


I’ve emailed them too. It seems to have affected any funds (not checked stocks) which are denominated (i.e. current price shown and information under the holding name shows GBp (GBX)/ pence).

Historic data since the beginning of February changed to GBP/£ with earlier data unchanged. A complete mess. e,g 0P00013P6I.L

Funds which are denominated in £ not affected (e.g. VWRP.L).

I also had this issue with the price of a similar fund on Yahoo Finance (0P00013P6J.L) suddenly changing from GBp/GBX to GBP about 1 week ago.

The issue appears to have been rectified from 8th Feb, at least for this fund.

When I looked this morning, some of the funds had no historic data and were still showing crazy % increases etc (affecting Apple Stocks also).

Went back and pulled data for all my funds and I guess they were busy correcting the bad data this morning, because it seems to be back. 7 Feb data missing for most of my funds however.

Worse is that there seems to be no data before 1 Jan and it won’t allow a start data for data before 2 Feb. Let’s hope they’re still just in the middle of fixing it.


I also have the same issue using the yahoo finance API via Python. I spent 1 hour debugging my code, and finally realised that the data is incorrect from Yahoo Finance rather than in my application code.

Appears to be fixed now.

The opposite problem?

I installed PP for the first time yesterday, and set up a single account and stock (City of London, CTY.L) with prices from Yahoo.

I immediately ran into what seems to be the inverse of your issue, i.e.-

Because Yahoo finance return prices in pence (GBP/100) my first transaction showed a purchase of £9k in shares immediately being valued at £900k !

I assume this is fixable, because it sounds as it WAS working for you. I will go on a hunt through the user docs, but it souds as if there are problems in this area at the moment.

If you get quotes in GBp you have to set up the stock in GBX, not in GBP.

Thanks for the tip, I would have spent some time looking for that I suspect.