Yahoo Finance historical prices changing from GBX to GBP

Hi - the value of my portfolio of ETFs at first glance seemed to have crashed over the weekend…
on closer inspection it appears that the historic prices reported by yahoo finace seems to have changed from gbx to gbp which drops the number by 100… eg see
Vanguard LifeStrategy 40 historical prices
Is there anyway for pp to cope with this?


Yes i too have this problem several of the assets in my portfolio look to have crashed but on inspection its the histotic prices reporting incorrectly as GBP instead of GBX

You have to use another data provider. Yahoo is easy to config, but famous to mess up the data (like in your case).

You may need a translator, but here is how it works

thanks for this …
though it seems difficult to translate as google translate refuses to find the page whenever I give it the url of the howto (Quellen für historische Kurse)?

Anyway… is there a reliable and free source of historical quotes? what do other people use?

And, if I change the source of historical quotes will it work with the transcations I’ve already entered without have to edit or re-enter them?

Its a shame its not straightforward to fix.
thanks again

Use that is much better.

Most of the users, use table on a website and the Ariva website.

No it isn’t. Because security prices are not for free. They are quite expensive. That’s the reason, why most of the paid interfaces are very limited or very fast expensive. So we have to be thankful to find any possible source and be careful with them.