JSON from Alpha Vantage

In the API documentation of Alpha Vantage there are some executable examples. With the link https://www.alphavantage.co/query?function=TIME_SERIES_DAILY&symbol=NVDA&apikey=my-api-key one can retrieve the historical prices from a security (NVIDIA) in the browser. There is also a key “DEMO” to retrieve the IBM stock, if you want to try without applying for a free api-key.

The result is something like (abbreviated). This doesn’t seem to be an array?

“Meta Data”: {
“1. Information”: “Daily Prices (open, high, low, close) and Volumes”,
“2. Symbol”: “NVDA”,
“3. Last Refreshed”: “2024-01-25”,
“4. Output Size”: “Compact”,
“5. Time Zone”: “US/Eastern”
“Time Series (Daily)”: {
“2024-01-25”: {
“1. open”: “623.5000”,
“2. high”: “627.1900”,
“3. low”: “608.5000”,
“4. close”: “616.1700”,
“5. volume”: “48277684”
“2024-01-24”: {
“1. open”: “603.0400”,
“2. high”: “628.4900”,
“3. low”: “599.3800”,
“4. close”: “613.6200”,
“5. volume”: “55706870”

I want to use the Quote Feed Provider JSON to import the historical quotes in PP (the predefined quote feed returns an error) . I used the following:

  • Feed URL: see above
  • Path to Date: $.[“Time Series (Daily)”][*]
  • Path to Close: $.[“Time Series (Daily)”][*][“4. close”]

but that doesn’t seem to work. The “Show server response” is OK.

Any suggestions?

This doesn’t seem to be correct

Done some further research. The following json paths yield a correct array in the online evaluator JSONPath Online Evaluator.

Path to date = $.[Time Series (Daily)].*~
Path to Close = $.[Time Series (Daily)].[*].[4. close]

Hoever, when entered in the Quote Feed Provider of PP, I got an error: "Could not parse token, starting at position 2. Expected ?, ', 0-9, *