Keep track of an aggregated crypto portfolio performance

I love Portfolio Performance and I’m using it since a couple of months.
I’m trying to track my crypto investments in the easiest way possible but without success so far

I don’t want to track every transaction but just the total value of the crypto portfolio and its evolution and total return of investment

If the total crypto portfolio is worth 100 Euro I was thinking about adding a “virtual” security called “Crypto”, buying 100 shares for 1 Euro each.

If the portfolio at the end of the month is worth 110 I will update the quote manually (110 Euro/100 shares = 1.10 Euro each)

Problem is that if I want to invest more money (or to disinvest) in the crypto portfolio I have to do very complex calculations to be sure to “sell” and transfer to my deposit account just the right amount of shares.

Is there a better way to keep track of the evolution and the real return of investment of my crypto portfolio?

Thanks in advance!

I am trying to find a way to import the .csv file of a crpyto exchange.
that would probably save the problem

… any luck with this yet ?

I would like to import my ETH wallet into PP as well
It has many small ETH deposits as a result of mining activity …
I exported the ETH wallet to CSV but I don’t see any way of importing this CSV into the ETH security in PP …

is there a work-around maybe ?

Oh Mann, is a pain in the arss!
What worked for me is to import only partial csv, like with only the deposit for example or only the interests…

Out of curiosity, can someone past an example CSV for the cryptos and what you would expect to see in terms of transactions (purchase, sale).

And then one more thing: PP tracks cryptos as an instrument not as a currency. Therefore the kind of transactions are limited. The model allows for a purchase or delivery of investment instruments, but the result of a mining activity is rather something like dividend paid in the instrument itself (which is not supported unfortunately)

but there is no “import CSV” in the All Securities/Ethereum EUR …


am I missing something ?
is there a work-around ?

You have to go via File → Import → CSV file.
And then the CSV must have a column that identifies “Etherium EUR” (typically the symbol, or ISIN)

aha, I didn’t know that, I will look into it now !

thanks !


I was facing the same dilemna a year ago. Here is what I did (it requires a bit of basic Python and Pandas knowledge):

On portfolio performance side I created only one line for crypto as a “virtual” home made security, with an associated crypto deposit account.

At day 0, I deposited 1000€ on the crypto deposit account and immediately invested it as 1000 shares on the crypto home security. So at the end of day 0, I had 0€ on the deposit account and 1000 shares on the crypto home made security valued at 1€ each.

I order to get the daily value of the crypto share, i used a little bit of programming, I did a small python/pandas program that:

  • retrieves all my crypto assets that I hold in my exchanges’ portfolio (binance, kraken, hot wallet, cold wallet whatever). Basically it gives me a csv file listing all the tokens and their amount that I am currently holding.
  • values it using coingecko api. This gives an amount in euros of the total value of my crypto assets.
  • divides the total value of my crypto assets, by the number of shares invested in my crypto security.
  • that returns the share value in euro on a small and simple web table on a 24H raspberry PI webserver (actually all the calculation runs on a rapsberry pi every 4 H in order to keep a kind of dynamic “real time” tracking, it could only be done only on demand, but at least once a day for tracking purposes)

Portfolio Performance automatically retrieves the share value from the web table. (actually this feature stopped working, see my post on this topic)

Now that I have an access to a dynamic share value of my investment, let say it was valued to 0.9€ at day 30 (-10% in 30 days), If I want to invest 100€ more at day 30, I put 100€ on the deposit account and buy the adequate amount of share of the home security: 100€/0,9 = 111,11. This is to say that at day 30 I will have invested 1100€ in total that represents 1111,11 shares.

I then use the 100€ in my crypto exchange to buy tokens and redo all the calculation with python pandas without forgetting to update the total number of shares in my portfolio (1000 → 1111,11) as an input of my python program.

This system gives you a total flexibility within any crypto exhange, you can trade whatever crypto you want, whenever you want as long as you do not retrieve or add money, which in this case you have to record in portfolio performance.

Best Regards,


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