Lack of data on security quote


First of all I think the software is great! Kudos.

But what to people do when the security isn’t listed? What is the recommended approach to get the updated quote? I have tried several options but finding updated data isn’t that easy for less known securities.


This depends on the type of security, if the quotes are published somewhere in the internet. Did you have an example ISIN? Maybe we’re able to seek a website via Google.

Yes, I have an ISIN: SE0005965688, and I can even get the quote from here:

But from there how do I import this into PP? I tried the table from website, but that didn’t work for me.

Well, is knowing historical quotes which could be used for automatic import via webpage:

Looks like this one works as well:

Wow, that worked. Thanks to all that answered. Very helpful

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