Loss of custom settings after moving a folder

Hello Friends. I am sorry I can only speak english. I need help with something. I was keeping the files „portfolio.xml“ and „portfolio.backup.xml“ and „portfolio.backup-after-open.xml“ in a folder on my computer. But I moved the folder. Now when I go into the software and open the „portfolio.xml“ file it opens okay, but all my customisations are gone. Does anyone know how to fix this?


In the settings of PP there is an option to store the GUI settings next to the actual portfolio file. I assume this settings file will contain the information you’re missing.

First option:
Move the file back to the original location.
Then - inside PP - choose „Save As…“ to store it in the new location.

Second option:
Move it back to the original location.
In the „settings“ choose „store settings next to file“
Move both files to the new solution

Third option:
The workspace directory contains a cryptic file name with the configuration. The name is hashed out of the location of the file. If you cannot move the file back to the old location, let me know if you want to identify this route.

Maybe one word why this is the way it is: the idea is that all local settings are just stored locally. It should only include things that do not make sense when moving to a new computer. For example, the width of some UI elements, the width of columns in pixel, etc. Unfortunately, not all information is cleanly separated.

Maybe I should make the „store settings next to portfolio file“ the default option.

That fixed my problem. Thankyou!