Malware in Portfolio Performance


I check software installers before using. For that, I use normally. (tested with version 0.56.6)

After I uploaded the current Win Installer, I got this warning: W32/NSIS_Injector.B.gen!Eldorado It looks like that is a trojaner. But I am not sure. Here is the direct checkup link: Check Installer

Has someone more information to that topic? Or can give a more quality answer?
I’m doing programming, mostly in my free time, and my knowledge about security and how virus, malware, … works is limited.

There have been numerous false positives in the past. No idea about this one.

I was finding posts like that from the past. That’s why the question from my site. Is there a specific area where the developers doing cross-checking on that? Was there an investigation on that in the past?

I am concerned about that, because I want to use this program. Many other software programs are overflowed with features, in my opinion.