Manage deposit account without entering all transactions

Hey, I’m a new user and I’m having trouble understanding how to use this great tool.

I created a new portfolio and entered all my transactions manually in the Security account (as the automatic import from my bank csv wasn’t 100% correct, I did it manually. Was a pain.).

I did not enter anything about the Deposit account as, I thought, I don’t need to keep track of all my expenses so I don’t want to import a file from my bank. I would like to have just my investments in this portfolio.

Now the problem is that, if I look at the Performance tab, all the numbers are messed up because (of course) the Deposit account sits at negative numbers (that is, all the expenses I made to buy securities).

How do I fix that? Ideally, when I make a buy transaction, I would just like to automatically deposit an amount equal to the buy amount, and when I sell, I would like to withdraw an amount equal to the sell amount minus profits. Is this reasonable? Is there any other (simpler) way of ensuring consistency of the Deposit account without having to enter all my cash flow movements?

Thanks for this great tool.

Welcome @marsellus ,

  • Link your custody account to a reference account.
  • Book the purchase amount to the reference account.
  • Pay the purchase price from the reference account.

Cheers, Laura

In addition to Laura’s answer.

This → Getting started Guide might help you in order to understand PP.

This thread is pretty helpful in the short run:

In general the forum and the manuel do cover almost every basic question.

All it needs is a little time and patience. Don’t rush it, and don’t start with your real data. ThIs will help to understand PP and keeps frustration and double maintenance low.


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Thanks for your replies.

I ended up adding deposits manually to keep the reference account non negative. Now all the stats make sense.