Missing data in Payments

After importing my data I don’t see the right interests, dividends, fees, etc. The majority of the information is missing or is wrongly displayed. See the pictures below.

Missing and wrongly displayed and calculated dividends

No interests displayed and calculated

Can anyone tell me what is wrong?

Thank you so much.

Hi @t0xic,

we’d love to, but we need more information.
How did you import your transactions


For now it looks like the field mapping wasn’t right. Or you have choosen the wrong datatype:


Is there any filter in place? What happened if you’re analysing the whole portfolio?

Import was via CSV and I am sure it was mapped correctly because, in the cash or security account, I see it properly. Even if I check the individual transactions. The problem occurs only for one cash and related security account.

@Rafa I know about the filters and no, there was no filter applied. As I mentioned above other accounts displayed correctly.

I can provide more screenshots but I am not sure which one would help identify the problem.

I have a suspicion that there is a bug because when I try to create a new account and add manual interest (no import) it is not displayed properly.

See the screenshot with a new interest type transaction +50 USD but in the earnings, I see only 2,16 CZK. 1 USD = 23,11 CZK.

…your second screenshot doesn’t show the type. On the right side there is an own tab for interests.

Please ensure to always cover the whole screen. If you’d like to hide numbers, you can make use of the discreet mode:



The problem is solved. The problem was in the currency. I had an extra exchange rate for USD/CZK in the list of securities for better visibility and it caused this problem. Once I removed it from the list the problem disappeared and everything is working correctly. I don’t know where could be the issue but it works. :slight_smile:

@Rafa and @Sn1kk3r5 Thank you for your support and fast responses.

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