Missing ETF in the securities list although it appears elsewhere

After long hours, I am getting to rights with the software, but I have still 2 problems I am working on, but will mention only one here.

In my list “Securities- All securities” I have Shares and ETF s and I have “Lost” an ETF, VANGUARD HDY when I go to the list of ETFs

Now the list of ETFs

Vanguard is not there, although it is marked as an ETF. It is also not in the “Shares” section and is not marked as inactive.
It does however show in other reports, eg

Any ideas please what I have done wrong ??

If you want it to appear in one of those lists, you need to move (drag) it there. This is completely unrelated to the taxonomies.

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Hallo Chirlu
Thank you.
I’ve learnt something else today.

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