Monthly performance-neutral transfers


I’m looking for a way to get an overview of the performance-neutral transfers (deposits) on a monthly basis. Ideally, I would like to have this on a performance dashboard.

Is this possible in Portfolio Performance?



Next release, but not on the dashboard.

Just to be clear: Do you mean that it will be available in the next version? But not available as a widget on the dashboard?

If yes, that sounds fantastic.

Do you know when that will be released?

Yes, it will be a new option for “Income & Earnings”, or whatever it is currently called (will be renamed “Payments”).

Whenever Andreas finds the time to build a release, I guess. Might be this weekend, or might be not.


Any news on the release plan?

No, only @AndreasB himself could say anything about his plans.

If all works out, then tonight…


That’s brilliant. I really appreciate your work!

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