Moving Average (MA) instead of First In First Out (FIFO)


First of all, thanks for this amazing program!

I have one question regarding the Profit/Loss column in Statement of Assets report.
The calculations are made with FIFO method?
Is there a way to change it in moving average?

In most Tax systems the Fifo method for stocks is not obligatory and per my view for individual investors is unnecessary complicated & unpractical.

Moreover, as i can see in Securities Performance you can add a column of Purchase Price & Value with the MA method but again the Realized Gains are calculated via first in first out!

Please consider, if it’s possible, to add the common calculation of MA for PNL & Realized gains, it would make things much easier.

I’m not sure if it’s a requirement of Tax Authorities but why we should treat our stocks like inventory goods :slight_smile:

Nevertheless, this is an amazing toll
Thanks once again.


The origin of this tool is in germany, and most of the develeopers are german.
and, YES, there is the requiremant of the german tax authority to use FIFO when selling your stocks.

Oooo, that was my feeling but i didn’t knew it for sure.
Thank you.
So, this way the FIFO oriented P/L makes sense.
However, i strongly believe that the addition of MA choice for P/L & Realized gains would be helpful for any trader regardless of Tax Authorities request, simple because it’s more logical.
Therefore, my question remains, is there any consideration of adding this functionality?

Unfortunately, I’m not a programmer to know if this is feasible so please bear with me.

Nevertheless, I just love this program but still need my excel sheet too.