Negative number of shares

Hello friends
I sold all my shares in a company and now it tells me that I have -0.1 share. How can I solve that?
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This means that you have sold more than you had. Check the number of shares in each transaction.

It is definitely a bug in the application. I reviewed one by one all the operations of the companies that I sold 100% of shares. All correctly transcribed.
A crude way to correct the error would be to add a dummy transaction so that the sum is zero. But I think there must be a more elegant way to do this, pending the bug fix


That is very unlikely. There may be a rounding difference somewhere. Have you checked All Bookings?

Cheers, Laura


I have reviewed all purchase and sale operations. Everything OK.


Bug or not, there must be a booking in which the difference occurs. If you use all of PP’s options, it would be inexplicable if you cannot find the incorrect booking.

Cheers, Laura

I don’t believe that. With how many decimal places did you look at this?

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Would it be possible to post a photo in English please. I do not understand german. TIA.

Just look for the 7th options in total (3 child on second adult or formating decimals). That’s why ProgFriese did marked them in color.


Understood. That only changes the number of decimals you see. The calculations keep giving me a non-zero sum of shares.
Captura de pantalla 2024-01-17 a la(s) 20.44.21

These is the sum, right. Are you able to post the transactions by security as screen dump?

I have reviewed the share purchase receipts again. The fault is in what was reported by the stockbroker. Apparently I have sold a fraction of a share more than I actually had. Thanks everybody.

And this brings me back to the question with which I started this thread. Is there an “elegant” way to obtain zero sum? My crude solution is to add an operation that leaves the count without any share.

Hi @Medfor,


When you create a fake posting, you are faking your transactions and ultimately you start to divide your PP from reality.

How did you checked all buys (change the Format to e.g. 8 for decimals in case you bought denomination of stocks).

Cheers and have a nice Sunday.

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In addition to @Sn1kk3r5 try to download all transactions from your broker as csv and download the transactions from PP. Then you can compare it in Excel.

I already did. The error is in the information that my broker gives me. Thank you anyway.

In that case, I would definitely go for another broker :smiley:

Hi @Medfor,

I’m curious, where did the error started and how did you create the bookings manual or via pdf import?

Anyway good to know, the issue is identified.