New company after spin off not listed

Brookfield Asset Management, BAM, ISIN CA1125851040, made a spin off last December into 2 new companies, Brookfield Corporation, BN, ISIN CA11271J1075, and Brookfield Asset Management, BAM, ISIN CA1130041058. So, there was an old BAM, which is no longer trading, and a new BAM, with different ISIN, that is currently trading.

The problem is not only that PP has not incorporated the new BAM yet, but also that the old BAM, with the old ISIN, continues to be listed and reflects the price of the new BAM.

I was hoping to find a contact service for users on the PP website where I could report this error, but either it doesn’t exist or I haven’t been able to find it, and that’s why I’m opening this new topic, which I’m not sure I’ve placed in the right section either. Hopefully one of the developers will read this post and update the ISIN of the new BAM

Hi @scribe,

PP is not delivering any Securities and prices. For a easy start it fetches informations from Yahoo finance. So you may have to search the error there.

But however, the data from Yahoo is often crap. So I would advise you to create the security manual by your own and fetch the prices from any other website. If the courses for the history are correct, you may can use them for the old security.

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