No Forex purchase price in Securities page


I have different currency stocks in my portfolio, and I can add stock-based currency purchase price by Force > Purchase Price in the Statement of Assets page, however, I can not find the same attribute in the Securities page.

Tough, is this a statement? I’m not able to recognise any questions.

Sorry I miss the word “not”, I mean I can not find Force > Purchase Price on the Securities page.

Ah, I see. Ok, the attributes which could be maintained per security is fousing the security themselves and assign a currency symbol to those quote prices, which retrieved from (for example) from Yahoo.

The recognised forex currency is based on the single buy/sales transactions. If the used deposit account is EUR, forex curreny is EUR. Deposit USD and forex USD, etc.

Sorry for my poor English, I upload some images to help to explain my question below:


As you can see, the Purchase Price** is stock-based price, and it is added by Forex > Purchase Price**:


But when I go to the Securities page, the price is converted to account-based, and it’s hard to compare.


So, I want to find the Forex attribute but there haven’t.

I want to know how to display stock-based currency prices (just like Quote) on the Securities.