Numbers in dashboard change after end of reporting period

Hi guys,

First of all thank you so much for this app. It’s incredibly useful! You are doing God’s work here.

So I’ve been investing since late 2020, and I use multiple brokers, as well as bought, re-bought and sold some stuff. I needed something like Portfolio Performance to be able to track everything.

On the Performance view, I’ve added new dashboards and one of the use cases I was after, was to have a dashboard per year (which might not be scalable in the long run now that I think about it).
Let’s say that I have a Dashboard called 2021. All my widgets inside that Dashboard have a reporting period set to only 2021.
My assumption was that, since 2021 already ended, those values would be final. But that’s not what I’m seeing. I’m seeing that the widgets are constantly changing with the market, even though 2021 is the reporting period.

So either I’m doing something wrong (very likely) or the widgets use the most recent price instead of the price at the end of 2021.

Either way, I’m making this topic to understand if it’s possible to have a Dashboard in Performance (so I can have access to those widgets) that shows the values relative to what the price was in December 31st 2021.

Hopefully I was able to explain myself well.

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Are you sure about that? When you hover over the title of each widget, the selected reporting period (and other information) will be shown.

So 100% sure that right now it is set to “Reporting period: 2021 (December 31, 2020 - December 31, 2021)”.

I also have a print I’ve took at the time of that Dashboard, which has different values compared to today.

Unfortunately I can’t guarantee that I had the Reporting period set correctly at the time. I think I did, but I have no way of checking it unfortunately.

Could you confirm that if I set the reporting period to 2021, it will take into account the securities’ prices at the end of 2021 and not todays price? If that’s the case, then I must have done something wrong at the time unfortunately :confused:

It’s supposed to work like that, yes. Of course, bugs can never be ruled out.

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