One portfolio file per family member

can we save all family member binary file separately ?
So each member show only own portfolio.
privacy is important for all.
Thank You for good app.


If you have them separately on your desktop, yes.


On desktop all in one.
that PC use by me only so all in one.
can we export as per account from desktop ?

So then you need to seperate them on your desktop.

How you do this depends on the complexity.

You can export all holdings from the depo AND the respective reference Account.

Or you just import the various pdf’s per depot. Depends on the structure and your personal preferences.


That’s what I do. One set of accounts per entity with each set containing Broker Security Account, Broker Deposit Account, and Bank Deposit Account.

To report on a single entity use a filter.

if i export as per deposit or security account PDF then send him for reference and performance.

i want to export each security account / Deposit account separately, so send them PDF for check there fund performance and for reference what is doing in there account.


I don’t think you can export individual complete portfolios separately as XML or binary files.

However, you can create separate dashboards for the individual portfolios with the desired key figures and then send them to your family as a PDF:

… and Categories.

Cheers, Laura

I reconcile separate deposit and security accounts for each entity against bank and broker accounts. They could be exported easily.

I’d just use a filter on the Reports for Statement of assets Holdings or Performance Securities. Alternatively, use dashboards as @Laura suggested.

If this is not enough then you could look at the xml file too.