Payment tab color in light mode


In Payement view, the highlight on the selected tab is invisible in Light mode.
Could a different color be used once a tab is selected ? Or having the icon in orange when selected maybe ?
In Dark mode we do clearly see the difference :
Capture d'écran 2024-03-10 200428
Capture d'écran 2024-03-10 200718
In the pictures, the same tab is selected.

When I hover over the tabs before selecting, I do see another color, but it is not kept once the tab is selected.


The non-selected tabs should be in a darker grey. Did you restart PP after changing from dark theme to light theme?

Hello Chirlu, yes I confirm that I have restarted (closed then open again) PP after changing from dark to light theme.
I am on Windows 11 if this is relevant. I am not sure what other relevant info I can provide. I have just tested on older version of PP : 0.58.0 gives the same behavior as the 0.68.0 above.

I’m on Linux. So perhaps someone else can try it on Windows and report.

Apparently specific to Windows then.

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