PDF import from Bondora Go & Grow

First sorry for my English, but I found this topic only in the Deutsch section… I tried to translate it via Google Translate, so sorry if I’m missed something.

I have a problem to import Bondora files and as this can be seen from upper comments can be caused from the Language setting in the Bondora site.
But the other issue can be caused from the date format setting (again in the Bondora site). For example my setting are for YYYY-MM-DD and BondoraGoAndGrowPDFExtractor.java regex parser of the rows can recognize only if the date is in the d-M-YYYY format (or d.M.YYYY).
Another thing is that the parent class AbstractPDFExtractor.java seems to have some recognition of the date format and can handle this.
So the question is can we extend the regex (something like this for date group: (?\d{2}.\d{2}.\d{4}|\d{4}.\d{2}.\d{2}) ?

P.S. I’m a new user of this software and think its great :slight_smile:

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Pull request created for next release to solve this problem:

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Wow, such a fast reaction! Thanks :slight_smile:

The change is now published with version 0.50.2.