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Hello @SomeUser
If the CUSIP is not correct in this transaction, you will see a message during the import.

Nov 05 Ca Fee_spinoff_blue Tsvt 09609 Journal (30.00)


Thanks, but, how about these two entries?

Nov 05 2seventy Bio Inc 901384107 Security Journal 5
Common Stock
Nov 15 Orion Office Reit Inc 68629Y103 Security Journal 2

Actually I was expecting to get 5 shares of TSVT and 2 shares of ONL as a result of this…
I’m not sure how to add this to PP, in such case, when you basically getting new shares “for free” (PP doesn’t allow “buy” transaction with 0$ amount). So I used this 30$ (which is actually a broker fee) as a value of transaction.
Maybe it’s not correct from PP terms but this is how I created it manually to have the balance correct.

Hello @SomeUser
here is the posting overview of how the importer processes your PDF debug. (Check it)


Nice, thanks @Nirus! You’re the best

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