PDF import from Trading 212


I’m new to Portfolio Performance. I think it’s a great tool and I am very interested in using it. I’ve added the securities I’m interested in and now I want to add my positions from my broker. Currently, my broker is Trading 212

I have a lot of positions open and while I don’t mind adding them manually, it will be very time-consuming.

Is there any way to import a csv or a pdf file from Trading 212. I’m not that proficient in Excel but when data is exported from Trading 212 into a .csv file, it has the following columns (from left to right) :

Action (Buy/Sell) Time ISIN Ticker Name No. of shares Price / share Currency (Price / share) Exchange rate Currency (Result) Total Currency (Total) Stamp duty reserve tax Currency (Stamp duty reserve tax) Notes ID Currency conversion fee Currency (Currency conversion fee)

Is there any way I can import this into Portfolio Performance?

Apologies if my question is very basic, I’m new and I’m still trying to understand how it works fully.

I’ve taken a look at the forum and searched through some questions but I couldn’t find any answer.

Please let me know.


Hello @DA_BEST

If we have PDF debugs, then we are happy to implement a PDF importer in Portfolio Performance.

For this we need purchases, sales, dividends and so on… everything you think of PDF documents.

Please create a PDF debug and post it here.
The best way to see how this works is to watch the video tutorial.

The personal data has to be replaced 1 to 1.
Other changes, like replacing the date, amounts or similar is also counterproductive.

Name → Max Mustermann and so on…
Address → Flower Street
IBAN and deposit numbers: Numbers 1 to 1.

Video tutorial:
Extract PDF documents for troubleshooting.



it would seem that the pdf import is not working any more, the following two transactions were not recognised:

Please find attached the pdf text
ActivityStatement11634413-2024-01-15.pdf.txt (6.9 KB)