PDF Imports when security is in GBX

So, UC44.L is listed in GBX (ie GBP/100). When importing from PDF, it creates a security in GBP. I can’t amend it while there are transactions associated with it. So I tried to deleting the transactions, and then amending the security definition to GBX so that the quotes it fetches are correct. However, then I get the following when importing:

Screenshot 2022-09-06 at 23.08.41

When looking at the list of currencies I can see it present, and the currency converter seems to pick up a static exchange rate (though I can’t see where/how these are set) - but it doesn’t seem to be used by PDF imports?

I found mention of a similar issue here: Convert GBP/GBX when importing from Interactive Brokers but without an answer.

Can you advise?

Many thanks!

Sorry, but there seems no easy solution.
I add the security in GBP. Then manually adjust the GBX quotes to GBP e.g. via Excel then re-import via .csv. I did not find a free source which converts the GBX prices to GBP so far. If you find such a source you would not have to adjust the share prices manually (please tell). Caveat is to work with dated prices in PP until you manually update them.

yes, my experience is also: the PDF importer does not offer static conversion to GBX when currency in the PDF is GBP.

@Nirus just wondering if you had any thoughts on this, as I haven’t found any workaround aside from going back to manual imports. Many thanks.

I’m facing the same issue (in my case when importing a flex query from IB as described here and here.

The problem is that depending on the security, yahoo finance quotes are in GBX (e.g. IAG.L) or GPB (e.g. VUKE.L). Given that most brokers’ exports include GBP, I think the easiest fix would be to be able to manually include a factor ( /100) in the quotes dialogue in PP.

Hello @Nicolo and @Abacus6923
Please create a PDF debug and post it here.
The best way to see how this works is to watch the video tutorial.

Video Tutorial:
Extract PDF documents for debugging


@Nirus sorry for the delay, but included below. The error is “Exchange rate of gross value is missing (transaction currency GBP and security currency GBX)”

PDFBox Version: 1.8.16
Portfolio Performance Version: 0.59.4
Hargreaves Lansdown is a trading name of Hargreaves Lansdown Asset Management Limited. 
Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, No. 115248 Company registered in England 
and Wales No. 1896481. A member firm of the London Stock Exchange. VAT No. GB 433 8716 440. 
A Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Hargreaves Lansdown Plc.
One College Square South
Contract Note Anchor RoadBristol
Mr XXX XXX Share Dealing: 
Apartment XXX (0117) 980 9800  
XXXX Fund Dealing: 
XXXX (0117) 980 9807  
(0117) 900 9000          
A/C Designation : 
Date 02 /12/202 1                                      Time  08:01                       Contract Note No. B142744003-01240910
                   (To be quoted in all correspondence)
We have today on your instructions    **B OUG HT* *                the security detailed below.
IMPORTANT Please check all details are correct. You should advise us of any discrepancy immediately
Quantity Security                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Price Consideration
LU0629459743 STOCK CODE: UC44
340.00 MSCI World Socially Responsible 11133.537 37,854.03
Limit Order
Venue of Execution: London Stock Exchange (XLON)
Commission 11.95
These shares / units have been dealt using the following account:
HL Fund & Shar  e        A       c     c     o      u      n      t                                                                                                      Settlement Date: 06/12/2021 37,865.98
E and OE
Retain this document as a record of your investment. 
Always quote your client number and contract note number in correspondence. 
This contract is subject to our normal terms and conditions of business and may also be subject to the rules of the London Stock Exchange. 
Details of any commission shared with third parties is available upon request.