Percentage of each share in the portfolio

Does anyone know how I can edit my portfolio to add a different investment percentage to each share?
That is, if I have 5 shares in a portfolio, the program automatically gives each one an investment percentage of 20%, in this case I want to change that percentage.
Thank you.

Hey Estefania_Millan_Duq,

can you outline a bit more where you are in the PP Program when PP is showing 20 % and based on what you want to insert new percentages?

20% is an example, I need to know where I can distribute these investment percentages for each stock in a portfolio. In my case I have 6 shares with different percentages.

Could you explain your requirement more in detail, why to adjust the share allocation? Usually it does not make any sense, if you buy 5 shares to report you have 10 in your pocket.

Hello, my case is next:

I have a portfolio with 6 shares and each one with a different investment percentage as shown in the image.
In PP, how can this percentage be distributed in each action?

The share is calculated on the basis of the share you hold, not on the basis of the share you expect to hold. However, at the taxonomy view you could maintain a target allocation for rebalancing purposes.