Performance Calculation and Taxes

if I select a performance report by type of security (eg ETF) taxes are not considered.
In the total report of the securities dossier they are present, but if I select only the ETFs (or other types of securities) they are not displayed.
Is there a reason for this?


make sure you actually have Taxes associated to the transactions in the relevant period (1 gen - 25 aug) for the specific data series “Exchange Traded Found”.

Yes, see TTWROR Wertpapiere vs Depot - #2 by AndreasB

Yes, in the selected period (1 Gen - 25 Aug) are associated a lot of taxes transactions related to the capital gains profits

ok, thanks for the link.
If I understand correctly, at the moment it’s normal to have the tax-free performance calculation report for groups of securities (e.g. ETF, equity, etc.)
I find this lack strange because in this way I have a report for the entire securities account in which the taxes are considered that does not correspond to the sum of the individual reports by type of investment.