Performance calculation for only one asset class instead of for whole portfolio?

It’s amazing how PP shows me finally an overview of my investments and makes me better at investing. Thanks!

I have made my own classification under classifications. Basically I split into grow and stability.

In performance, for the graph I can use my own classifications, but I would love to show for example only the ‘grow’ portfolio in the calculation page (where then I can choose the widgets etc). As far as I can see this calculations page can only show the results of the whole portfolio and not from a specific classification. Do I overlook something?

You can right click on the Widgets and choose the data die every Widget by yourself. So you can build your Analytics completely indidividual!

Found it. Thanks. I was looking in the column parameters.

Still, for trading activity you can only select the portfolio or the accounts. No asset allocations.

Yes you can also do it by asset classes. The following video shows how to, sorry it is in German, but maybe it helps you anyway.

hi @homerfin, just changed my PP to English, will see, if I still get along with it :slight_smile:, let’s give it a try:

  1. Create your asset classes unter taxonimies any way you want it
  2. Go to reports/performance/charts and go to the toothwheel on the upper right and select “pick data series” then scroll down all the way and and you should find all created taxonomies. There you can select them and build performance charts by each taxonomie created.
    Let me know if this is understandable for you, English is not my native tongue.

hello @drhaschus-pp Vielen dank! For the charts I found this function already, but this was specifically for a performance report. I’ve learned that you can adapt the data series for specific widgets. That worked out but was just a bit more work :slight_smile: