Performance of a deposit account

Hi, is it possible to show a heatmap of changes in my deposit account?
Use case: I would like to see how is my balance in my bank changing over months. I would like to see:
January +300 euro
February -50 Euro
March + 500 Euro

Do you know if it’s possible either in Performance section or somewhere else?

Thank you

It’s possible, but not in a heatmap.
See the example

With the funnel you can filter your deposit account you are interested in.

Clicking on one of the bars displays the absolute figures for the month.

Interest or dividends are not taken into account here, only deposits and withdrawals.


That’s exactly what I wanted. It doesn’t matter it’s not a heatmap. Maybe it’s even better this way because I can compare also years.

Vielen dank :slight_smile:

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