Performance of Cumulative Return VS (Earn/Invested Capital)

The graph attached is done with Excel using export of csv from Portfolio Performance.
Considering a simple portfolio with 10 ETF . Considering to add money during a specific period ( black line ) . If I plot the performance graph (A) of my portfolio I can see red line . The software is plotting cumulative return in % . My focus is on performance of portfolio in sens of Total earning / total investment . The Total earning is what the software named like “Delta from first operation” into graph of patrimonial statement (B).Using CSV export and Excel we can plot Green line . Is possible to obtain this green graph in Portfolio Performance ?
The reason why I’m asking you this new feature is because it is important to take under control the strategy of buy/sell . Plotting this new graph we can see the real performance of portfolio considering our buy/sell operations during the detection time. I think it is not difficult because you have all data available . In the past other users asked this, can you consider to add ?


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It is not possible today. But I like the idea of plotting the invested capital. I will check.

BTW, I feel funds have similar pattern: high performance with small assets under management; then an influx of money; big sums are harder to invest; that dampens the performance - but the record still includes the past performance. We certainly cannot chart this for funds, but it would be interesting to evaluate.

Thank you for reply.
I have done this question because I think this software is done very well and I’m counting on this.
I’m not an expert, but in my opinion when you are monitoring a portfolio like my ( some ETF or some stocks ) it is important to compare the performance % from the beginning ( or from specific data ) and the real performance of portfolio ( Delta earning / invested capital ) considering the buy/sell actions. I hope you consider to do this asap. Compliment !

Please , consider that from my point of view it is not necessary to see black line ( invested capital ) but is important to see green line [Delta earning / invested capital] compared with performance of portfolio on REPORT - PERFORMANCE - GRPAH (picture attached with (A)) :grinning: