Performance with fees is higher than without fees


I really don’t understand how this work:
For the I have a Security account (SA) with 2 google shares bought in january 2020 and a deposit account (DA) with only fees regularly taken (from 0 to -150).
On the following graphs, I plot only the SA (pink) and SA+ DA

The “ammount” graph looks correct:

However, I don’t know how it works but the performance chart is like this:

I can’t figure out how the one with the fees can outperform the one without in september-october 2023.

Someone can explain me and how to possibly fix it?


To me it looks like that in the performance chart the green line is below the pink line. And the green line you said is with fees.

If you refer to the two peaks on the right side, this may be due to display resolution, rounding, etc. Did you zoom in with a different reporting period? Did you analyze the absolute values?

I’d avoid deposit accounts being negative. Getting the same absolute return with less investment is a higher relative return.

That might be one reason for getting higher performance when including the deposit account.

No the % value is also higher that is not just a resolution issue

So how do you think I can do to plot the performance chart with and without fees if it doesn’t worlk this way?