Pie charts are not displayed

I can’t find anything related to the problem I’m having. It turns out that in the portfolio values tab, and in taxonomies all the pie charts have disappeared.
Could you help me?

Hi @Entropiak09_Investor
there is a filter icon in the upper right corner. See if you selected the entire portfolio or just a part of it.

Hi Segi,

I have tried that too, the problem I see is that specifically the circular graphs do not appear in my portfolio, I have reinstalled the program, rescued old copies, also old versions.
I have checked if the antivirus has removed anything, but neither.
I have tried in windows 10 and if it works, but in Windows 11 it does not work for me.
I don’t know what else to do, other than put Windows 10


Try toggling the setting (Use SWTChart) in the Preferences.

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Thank you very much,

was that