Portfolio Performance App - The first version :-)

Some of you may have already noticed: Since yesterday, the Portfolio Performance App is available both on the Apple App Store and on Google Play Store.

Check out some screenshots here:

:arrow_forward: Apple App Store
:arrow_forward: Google Play

For the curious ones: The app was developed using Flutter. This allows me to support both iPhone and Android with a single codebase. So far, the source code comprises about 41,000 lines. Similar to the desktop version, I plan to gradually develop the app further.

How does the app work?

Store your file in binary format on a cloud storage service, e.g., iCloud, Google Drive, OneDrive, and then open it on your iPhone or Android.

You cannot (yet) make changes in the app - the app is a mobile companion to the desktop application. In addition to the desktop dashboards, you can create and edit your “mobile dashboard” on the go. All calculations are performed solely on your device - the larger and more complex your file, the more computing power your phone should have.

Does the app cost anything?

Most of the app is free: the statement of assets, performance calculation, the charts, the statement of earnings (dividends, interest), the classifications with rebalancing data, updating of prices and exchange rates, etc.

However, using the dashboards requires a subscription. I opted for a subscription model because an app needs continuous updates, e.g., updates to new operating system versions, adjustments to price sources, etc. With one-time payments, many apps wait to release updates for major releases or focus on new gimmicks instead of improving core functions. To make a comparison that might be used too often: it costs less per month than a coffee.

If you contribute to Portfolio Performance (whether through source code, translations, documentation, testing, or in the forum), then you can get a one-year subscription for free. Please send me an email at support@portfolio-performance.app with your GitHub, POEditor, and/or forum name, whether you have an iPhone or Android device, and the user ID from the diagnostics page in the app.


GREAT news :partying_face: and good job!

curious to see what everybody comes up with in their mobile dashboard

PS: not sure if we should only use this topic for the mobile app? or create topic with mobile app tag?


Congratulations! I am thrilled with the iOS version. I have subscribed via the App Store. Glad to support you and the further development. I will not ask for a free subscription.

Could you please enable Family Sharing for the subscription? I use multiple files for my family members. They would all like to use the full version.

Thank you.

… in regards to Andreas statement in the german speaking community this is enabled already. Haven’t double checked it myself yet.


The app it’s AMAZING! :slight_smile: Huge thanks!

It is enabled. Just checked the German app store. Maybe it took some time to propagate through the system (I realized that it was not activated when making the post :upside_down_face:)

Woah cool! For German App Store, it worked well.

Really cool. For Polish App Store worked perfectly.
Thanx a lot!

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Hi, thanks for creating this.

Could you please enable availability for Singapore in the App Store? I am not able to download it using a Singapore account.


Awesome. I got the Premium. However only myPhone and iCloud are shown as to upload file. Please advice how to use/connect OneDrive

Have you activated “One Drive” as storage provider on your iPhone/iPad?

It is visible if you add/activate it for the “Files” app.

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Thanks for the quick reply. Activated in Files. Still not showing in the App. Made a video (screencast) on my iPhone to show you, but the Apple format is not supported to upload.

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Maybe upload it wetransfer and send me the link to portfolio dot performance dot help at gmail dot com?

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Just sent it over WeTtansfer. Thanks.

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Love the app! Is there a way to sort the overview of current stocks/investments by daily performance and not just alphabetically?

This app is not available for any of your devices

why is it not available for samsung s22 ? (France) :disappointed_relieved:

I get the error message “only AES256 encryption is supported”, but my data is AES256 encrypted from the desktop performance portfolio software. Has anybody the same problem?

As per the FAQ :

The app includes a crypto library to decrypt the portfolio file. As a result, it requires approval from the French administration. Once approval is granted, I plan to make the app available in the French app stores as well.

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thank you, as the message says an incompatibility with my phone i thought it wasn’t related to the country

Ah, sorry, the message not precise. It is also possible to encrypt the XML format. Then the app unwraps it, but cannot read it. Save you file as “password-protected” in the desktop app (I have renamed the menu entries slightly - passsword-protected is always AES256 encrypted binary format)