Portfolio Performance Documentation


A purchase means that the amount of money is debited from an account and the securities portfolio in a securities account increases. Each purchase is booked with an offsetting entry in an account.

If the associated account is not to be held in Portfolio Performance, the offsetting entry is not required. In this case, it is advisable to make a delivery instead of a purchase. A delivery only increases the securities portfolio in the custody account without reducing the corresponding account.

A purchase can later be converted into a delivery by right-clicking on the purchase entry under Securities accountsTransactions and selecting → Convert to delivery. The offsetting entry in the account is then cancelled.

It is also possible to convert a delivery into a purchase by right-clicking on the delivery and selecting → Convert to purchase entry. The offsetting entry in the account is created automatically.

The same applies to sales and deliveries - conversion is possible in both directions.

You can also make these changes under All securities by selecting the desired security, clicking on → Transactions and then right-clicking on the booking to change the type between Purchase/Delivery or Sale/Outbound delivery.

Cheers, Laura