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The GitHub - portfolio-performance/portfolio-help: Help pages for Portfolio Performance (Deutsch) community project is moving along, and you can visit the English version at About this manual - Portfolio Performance Manual. Feel free to comment or contribute directly to the documentation or discussion.

This topic is an English discussion on the documentation for those that prefer not to use Erste Schritte mit Portfolio Performance im Handbuch dokumentieren (in German).


What should the introductory part of the documentation cover? A new user has likely visited Portfolio Performance and decided they are interested to know more. Some will install the software, perhaps browse the example files, and use the documentation to set it up. Others will browse the documentation to understand more about the software before deciding to try it. The documentation needs to work for any of these approaches.

Anyone looking for Portfolio Performance software almost certainly has an existing portfolio. Creating a portfolio is the first hurdle and they would undoubtably be more interested in importing the portfolio rather than each transaction, and certainly not rekeying each transaction manually.

Navexa, commercial portfolio tracking software, gets users up to speed quickly (btw it offers both a free plan and free trial). While PP does not offer conversion from competitors products, the csv import or create from transactions process is equivalent. Iā€™d like to see PP documentation presented similarly with importing before rekeying so new users quickly realise their portfolio can be created quickly and efficiently.

How-To Link: Import CSV file

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