Positive TTWROR while absolute change is negative

I guess I have not understood well the meaning of TTWRR.

How can it be possible:
Absolute Change: -116.06 EUR
True Time-Weighted Rate of Return: +2.59%

I even neutralized the possible currency effect (report in same currency than quote).

The time-weighted return does not consider any transfer of cash, just the pure investment. The absolute change could be negative if you had for example fees even the development of your investment is positive.

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Thanks Marco.
No, I had no fees, so I’m really puzzled.
Since the security in question had dividends, if I understand well they should not be counted in the TTWRR (it was a possible explanation I was trying to give, but evidently a wrong one).

It is possible. Take a look at the Example 1 on the Wikipage that @Ragas has linked above:

First year: 500 EUR investment and 100% Performance
Second Year: Additional 1000 EUR Investment and -25% Performance

That means at the end, the investor will have 1500 EURs at the end of the two year period (500 + 1000 investments + 500 gains the first year and 500 losses the second year). One could - intuitively say - there must be a performance of zero percent - after all the investor invested 1500 EUR and that’s what he owns at the end of the year. However, the TTWROR would calculate 50% ( (1+1) * (1-0,25) = 1,5 = 50%).

To get a better understanding of your values, go to “Reports” -> “Performance” -> “Chart” and export the diagram data to Excel (upper right corner). There you should see - on a daily basis - the calculation of the TTWROR.

Thanks very much for the answer.

You are right, it’s not intuitive, but good to know.