PP export/import not working

This function totally buggy. I need to export data from one PP xml file to other. I’m creating (exporting) .csv files however can’t import them later. Account Transaction file “Shares” fields are empty so any transaction can not be imported. Securities Account Transaction file creates wrong Amount numbers (units from thousands) so they can’t be imported because “taxes and fees are higher than transaction amount”.

PP can be frustrating, especially when young developers insist on including commas (and even currency symbols) in number fields to ensure there is no rounding. Another joy I’ve learnt with European software is they reverse the thousands and decimal separator characters, so they can’t use a comma in the csv and use a semicolon instead! (Seems ‘C’ doesn’t translate.) And dates, well that’s a whole new forum!!

It does work but you need to be careful. My tip is try Tab delineation because it is easier to visually scan the document. If you want to use comma separated variables (CSV) then do a quick delete of any thousands separators or ‘$’ characters in the data.

None of this is a problem once you understand how to work with it.

If that doesn’t help, more information is needed. Create some dummy data (or grab it from Import CSV file or Reporting Across Multiple Security Accounts - #6 by flywire) and give us an example. An example would be handy for anyone reading this post later anyway.

Hi, thanks for the answer. Please look, how it looks on PP and on exported csv file. Space between thousands and hundreds not a big problem I think. But, where a shares? Amount of shares don’t exists on csv file at all!

Try again, exporting Securities Account Transactions (shares) rather than Account Transactions (money). (Notice buy transactions are negative and there are no shares?) I’d rather not load my file because my locale settings are too different and it will only confuse things.

It’s not actually a space (Hex 20) it’s a Non-breaking_space (Hex c2a0).

Hey Darelas,
for an analysis of your observations your descrition is a bit to general. Importing a bigger portion of data from another PP file tyically involves multiple exports and imports.

Can you share screenshots or files depicting your problem here? (Sorry, I could not finalize following your external link as I had to agree to some terms of some website).

Download files from @Darelas - clearly money exported and not shares.

Date;Type;Value;Transaction Currency;Taxes;Shares;ISIN;WKN;Ticker Symbol;Security Name;Note
2020-04-09T09:44;Buy;-685,21;EUR;;;LU0908500753;125902391;MEUD.PA;LYXOR CORE EURSTX 600 DR;LYXOR CORE EURSTX 600 DR
2020-04-16T08:32;Buy;-1 213,36;EUR;;;IE00B4ND3602;257200855;EGLN.L;ISHARES PHYSICAL GOLD ETC;ISHARES PHYSICAL GOLD ETC
2020-04-17T07:36;Buy;-920,45;EUR;;;LU0489337690;77562936;D5BK.DE;X FTSE EUROPE REAL ESTATE;X FTSE EUROPE REAL ESTATE
2020-04-20T13:39;Buy;-1 111,20;EUR;;;IE00BKM4GZ66;153454120;EMIM.AS;ISHARES CORE EM IMI ACC;ISHARES CORE EM IMI ACC
2020-04-21T07:50;Buy;-1 381,25;EUR;;;IE00B4L5YX21;80268543;IJPA.AS;ISHARES CORE MSCI JAPAN;ISHARES CORE MSCI JAPAN

Hey flywire,
thanks for sharing the screenshot.
In that screenshot I do not see what the problem actually is:
The screenshot shows the transaction within an account. In an account buys are marked red and are negative. In the screenshot the table was sorted for “Type” meaning that the other transactions such as “Sell” or “Deposit” etc. are not shown in the snippit. Clearly between line 1 and line 2 there were other transactions as the amount does not match, whereas between line 6 and line 7 nothing else happend. For me this table does not show a problem.

Maybe @Darelas can provide the workflow which was applied to the export and the import procedure.

Ah now I see.

@Darelas, I assume you exported “account transactions”. These do not contain the number of shares. If you export “securities account transactions” they will contain the number of shares.

Thanks to all for the answers. Mission accomplished :). For future I will know that at first I need to export/import Securities transactions (named Portfolio transactions on import window). And only later - Account transactions (because of all cash deposits, fees transactions) and don’t mind to all error messages in this step about missing shares…
Space between thousands and hundreds I’ve corrected on Excel.

Hey Darelas,
I still do not know why you have to adjust a CSV file which you exported from PP and import into PP :thinking:

I don’t know too :slight_smile: Transactions on old PP file was imported from Interactive Brokers flex query xml file. They has a space ( Hex 20 or Hex c2a0) after thousands number and on import step this value converts to units (thousand times smaller number).

@Darelas - Good to see it’s going for you.

Once data is loaded into PP it should be clean. I don’t know what “Transactions on old PP file was imported from Interactive Brokers flex query xml file” means (I’m not familiar with Interactive Brokers or Euro locales) but it seems like there is a bug in the process somewhere for number formats to get corrupted.