Price change of "Empty Instrument"

How can I change the (current) price of an “Empty Instrument” on PP? How can i add the historical data?


What do you mean by an “Empty Instrument”?

CU, Laura

I want to add a bond that can’t be found when I try to “Add a new instrument”. The app offers to add an “Empty Instrument” instead. I added it by filling in all the information about the bond myself but I don’t know how to update the current price on that bond

you can input the quote manually, like this:

Which bond? ISIN? Currency? Exchange?


Linking to a price supplier is done in exactly the same way with the New Instrument and Empty Instrument functions.

CU, Laura

Hi @kasparv,

may I point your attention to this How To.

This should help to start with PortfolioPerformance.